Chair Neue

A product design for new lifestyle

Takram designed Chair Neue, concept furniture designed for our new lifestyle in the time of remote working.

Chair Neue fulfills both desk work and living/dining room environment requirements in hopes that it will provide a new option for peoples lives, where working from home has become a norm.

Structure and Style

Most office chairs are equipped with multiple bodily support functionalities since most office workers work long hours in front of their desks, inevitably making them heavy and complex. On the other hand, modern living environments are usually fitted with minimalistic lightweight chairs that match the rest of the interior design.

Chair Neue features the minimal elements required for modern desk work, making it simpler than standard office chairs to match our homes.

We used oak for parts that people touch, while the rest of the structure is steel, making it a simple composition of just wood and steel.


One of the standard functionalities of an office chair is rotational movement. However, this makes the whole silhouette bulky, making it identical to office chairs. For this reason, we rearranged the structures and designed the seat surface so that even though the chair itself does not move, its user can rotate oneself with ease.

Another common functionality for an office chair is height adjustment, which turned out to be a feature that was also beneficial in the context of the home. The adjustability allowed users to adapt to various activities such as eating and reading, even more so when considering that other people such as partners, family members, friends might use the same chair in homes. Chair Neue uses a simple clamping mechanism to adjust the height.

Design Process

We took a thorough process, ranging from setting the theme, ideation, concept making, user research, structure design, modeling, 1:1 scale prototyping, styling, CMF selection, and final prototype production with a mass manufacturer. Every component, except for the screws, was designed from scratch.


Creative Direction:
Sho Tanaka
Product Design:
Sho Tanaka, Daiki Nakamori, Jun Murakoshi
Product Photography:

Shinya Sato (Shinya Sato Photography Office)


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