Global holiday campaign with ISSEY MIYAKE

FLORIOGRAPHY is a series of flower broaches made from a special textile by ISSEY MIYAKE.

Meant as a gift, it is presented in a paper packaging reminiscent of a flower bouquet. Once opened, one also finds a handwritten message on the inside of the bouquet itself.

This fictitious flower, made from a single piece of fabric, begins as an anonymous object. As yet, it has no name. The sender's handwritten message becomes its flower language, enabling a story.

Words and phrases such as "Do you remember?" and "Wednesday, usual place", are embossed inside the bouquet, allowing the sender to circle them and perhaps add a personal note as well, making it easier to compose a message than pen one from scratch.

The embossed phrases are of everyday life; they may seem innocuous to the bystander but bear special significance between the sender and receiver by reviving special memories about "that Wednesday", or their own "usual place", known only to these partakers.

The packaging uses PATHICA paper, whose embossed areas become translucent. Upon noticing these luminous, mirrored words from the outside of the bouquet, the receiver is invited by the mystery of what is to be found inside: past memories and new textile forms, melded and combined.


Creative Direction, Concept, Copywriting:
Kotaro Watanabe
Art Direction, Logo Design, Illustration:
Kotaro Yamaguchi
Graphic Design:
Kotaro Yamaguchi, Takeshi Saijo (ex-Takram)
Web Design:
Takeshi Saijo (ex-Takram)
Project Support:
Terushige Enatsu, Keisuke Kambara,

Hiroya Endo (ex-Takram)


Yosuke Suzuki (erz)

Printing & Paper Manufacturing:


Interior Design:



Onden Imaizumi BLDG
5-7-4 Jingumae
150-0001 Tokyo, JAPAN


First Floor
7 Bath Place
London EC2A 3DR, UK

New York

68 Jay Street, Suite 432, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA


109, 18F, L'Avenue
No.99, Xianxia Road, Changning District
Shanghai, China