Mercari Rebrand

Introducing a new logo for Japan's tech startup unicorn

Takram provided branding support for Mercari, Inc. and worked with them in redesigning their logo as well as creating a website to share the redesign process and the thoughts behind it. The logo was redesigned to represent both the casualness and the fairness of the Mercari marketplace, in addition to maintaining the elements of excitement and joyfulness that the old logo possessed.

Hello new logo | Mercari Design


The new logo refines upon the unique 'm' from the original logo, while creating a simpler and friendlier look. The contrast created by the newly refined vertical and horizontal line weights optimises the logo for use across multiple media.



Gai Inoue (Mercari, Inc.)

CXO Advisory:
Lead Designer:
CXO Design Team:

Yoshiko Miyakami, Masashi Nagao, Shizuka Yamada (Mercari, Inc.)

Launch Website - Art Director / Designer:
Launch Website - Director / Designer:

Gai Inoue (Mercari, Inc.)

Launch Website - Technical Director / Designer:
Launch Website - Motion Graphics:
Launch Website - Administrator:

Kosuke Uo, Akiko Kurono (Mercari, Inc.)

Launch Website - Photographer:

Yuma Kumata (Mercari, Inc.)

Launch Website - Copy Writer:

Taiyo Nagashima (Mercari, Inc.)

Launch Website - Illustrator:

Wataru Hashimoto (Mercari, Inc.)

Launch Website - Goods Designer:

Hisao Akagawa (Mercari, Inc.)

Launch Movie - Creative Director:

Masashi Kawamura (Whatever Inc.)

Launch Movie - Producer:

Sachie Aihara (Whatever Inc.)

Launch Movie - Illustrator:

Wataru Hashimoto (Mercari, Inc.)

Launch Movie - Composer:

Yuuki Ono (WONDROUS)

Launch Movie - Music Producer:

Koutarou Maruhashi (MELODYPUNCH)

Launch Movie - Director:

Hirokazu Yokohara (Khaki)

Launch Movie - Motion Graphics:

Nozomu Akazawa (Khaki)


Onden Imaizumi BLDG
5-7-4 Jingumae
150-0001 Tokyo, JAPAN


First Floor
7 Bath Place
London EC2A 3DR, UK

New York

68 Jay Street, Suite 432, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA


109, 18F, L'Avenue
No.99, Xianxia Road, Changning District
Shanghai, China