From design research to branding: a holistic design for a self-monitoring tool for PMS patients

Takram assisted concept making, branding and creative direction of Monicia, a device proposed by Konica Minolta that helps women in improving their lifestyle before menstruation.

About PMS and Monicia

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a symptom that happens a few days before women's period and disruption that it causes to their daily lives. It is said that one in five women experience PMS. One of the ways one can deal with PMS is by keeping track of symptoms and understanding the menstruation cycle, allowing them to know when to reduce their work or have their partner support them with housework. Monicia is a self-monitoring tool that combines a smartphone application and device, offering users to record their body condition in the long term and with ease.

UX Design for Continuity

On designing a user experience for Monicia, our focus was to make it easy for the users to record their symptoms even when the condition was at its worst. The egg-shaped device can be clipped on to the pants, automatically recording the body temperature while sleeping, an essential piece of information in recording the menstruation cycle. The smartphone application allows for an intuitive reporting of the user's emotional and physical states.

Branding with Subtlety and Care

Due to the various touchpoint that the tool offers, it was fundamental to give holistic branding to Monicia. The brand is designed to provide familiarity to its users while providing a feeling of self-confidence through the act of recording - an effort to truly understand about their body.

The logo illustrates eyelashes of a woman, portraying a peaceful sleep-one of the things that the developer team hopes to deliver to Monicia's users. We chose blue-green as the brand color, in communicating the cleanness and trustfulness that the device offers while also having a tenderness within.


Creative Direction:
Yasuhiro Sasaki
Art Direction:

Maki Ota (ex-Takram)

Product Design:
Seitaro Taniguchi,

Lukas Franciszkiewicz (ex-Takram London)

UI Design:
Keisuke Kambara, Terushige Enatsu
Design Research:
Yasuhiro Sasaki, Takeshi Saijo (ex-Takram),

Yuki Shinohara (ex-Takram)

, Kyoko Takahashi (ex-Takram)
Graphic Design and Illustration:

Maki Ota (ex-Takram)

Copy Writing:

Gen Kogusuri (meet&meet)

Concept Video:

Tsukaya Suzuki (Pith Films)


Masato Indo


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